Membership and membership dues

Article 11

Engineers, technicians, experts whose work is oriented to the activities of the Society and others can be the members of the Society.
Foreign citizens may also be the members of the Society.
Filling in the entry form and paying the membership dues makes one become a member of the Society.
The membership dues are paid annually. Members of honour do not pay the membership dues.
Prominent members with their activity and work results gained in achieving the aims of the Society can be pronounced as worthy and honourable members. They are pronounced as such by the Committee at the proposal of at least ten Society members.

Article 12

The decision on membership acceptance is made by the Presidency of the Society on the basis of a signed entry form of a candidate.
When entering the Society a member claims his field of specialty and gives a statement in which working group he or she wants to participate.
An individual whose right to enter the Society was disputed has a right to appeal to the Society Committee whose decision is final.

(Abstract from the GOMA Statute)

Please fulfil the 

Membership for the current year:
70 KN – for the members in Croatia
10 EUR – for the members abroad

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