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(According to the Statute)
- organizing scientific conferences, symposiums, talks, scientific improvement conferences for the Society members on the issues from the field of the development and application of fuels and lubricants
- work of scientific committees or working groups (permanent or temporary) for dealing with certain issues
- making of studies, expert opinions, analyses and other professional papers related to the development and application of fuels and lubricants
- cooperating in making regulations and norms related to the goals of the Society
- publishing books, professional journals and publications
- cooperating with the corresponding international organizations 

Society Chairman
Bruno Novina
Damir Miletić
Elvira Vidović
Presidency Members
Roberta Gorup
Ante Jukić
Vesna Kučan Polak
Ivana Lukec
Zoran Lulić
Neda Marčec Rahelić
Marija Mioč
Ljiljana Pedišić
Davor Podgorčić
Sanda Telen
Supervisory Committee
Vladimir Kuzmić
Ružica Marinčić
Maja Fabulić Ruszkowski
Delegate in the Assembly HIS
Davor Podgorčić

(According to the Statute)
- support and development of a scientific and expert opinion and standpoint on all the technical, economical and educational procedures related to the rational application of liquid and gas fuels and the correct application of lubricants, which leads to cooperation with other societies, institutions and professional organizations of experts and universities in Croatia and abroad
- organization of the meetings of experts and scientific workers who deal with tribology and lubricant application issues, assistance in their professional development and giving support in a process of creative initiative in order to improve scientific and technical disciplines 
- progress in science and technology in the field of the development and application of liquid, gas and other fossil fuels and combustion issues, and contribution to more intensive use of the contemporary achievements in these fields and their affirmation
- coordination of the work done by experts dealing with production, application, normalization and development of liquid and gas fuels and lubricants and other related issues
- assistance for other societies in solving particular problems in the fields of fuels and lubricants
- cooperation with organizations which deal with these issues
- professional improvement of the Society members
- active participation in technical assistance offered to other countries by the Republic of Croatia
- active contribution in the field of environmental protection

The Croatian society for fuels and lubricants has been continuously working for more than 40 years since it continued the activities of the Yugoslavian society for application of fuels and lubricants. In 1964 its presidency decided to establish the centre of the Society in Zagreb.
The Croatian society for application of fuels and lubricants was a member of the Yugoslavian union of societies for application of fuels and lubricants-JUGOMA.
Nevertheless, all the important activities were organized and held in Zagreb as the centre of not just the Croatian society but also of the Union of societies in former Yugoslavia. Furthermore, the journal Fuels and lubricants has been continuously issued in Zagreb, as well as all the other publications.
The Republic committee of Croatia operated within JUGOMA and the Croatian society for application of fuels and lubricants was registered in 1982.
In 1990 the Society still operated within JUGOMA, which had its centre of main activities in Zagreb.
After the conference of the Croatian society for application of fuels and lubricants held on December 27, 1991 some important decisions have been reached: the Croatian society for application of fuels and lubricants separated from the JUGOMA union, the new statute and guidelines were made in order to continue the work of the Society. The Croatian society for fuels and lubricants works independently ever since then as not-for-profit and nongovernmental society NGO.


One of the most important activities of the Society is organizing an international scientific symposium once a year, alternatively, on fuels or on lubricants.
The first symposium took place in Belgrade in 1967 covering both fuel and lubricant topics. These two topics were separated after the 6th symposium held in Split in 1972. There was just one break in the continuity of the symposium organizing and that was during the Homeland War in Croatia in 1991. Therefore the 25th symposium (on fuels) was held in Pula in spring of 1992.
All the symposiums were preceded by the printed symposium materials on technology, production and application development of fuels or lubricants, effects of additives, test methods, normalization, environmental protection in application with users etc.
Scientific symposiums are a good opportunity for business meetings and discussions always raise the interest of scientific public. It is an event where a few hundred attendants from Croatia and abroad meet every year.
For each symposium we print the symposium material: Paper abstracts collection and papers in foreign languages as of prints, which stands for about 250 printed pages per symposium.

The publishing of the journal Fuels and Lubricants is the second important continuous activity of the Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants. The journal has been quarterly published (4 issues pro year) for 50 years continuously.
There have been more than 1000 professional papers published in the journal. The papers are written by numerous foreign and domestic authors, most of whom are members of the Society, especially INA employees. Professional papers are published both in Croatian and English.
The publishing is supported by the Ministry of science, education and sports Republic of Croatia and INA d.d. company.
The journal stimulates the professional and scientific work of researchers which may contribute to the survival and potential development of oil refinery industry in Croatia, as well as to the production and application of motor energetic fuels and lubricants and related products.
The GOMA members receive their journal copy for free.

Jugoma books:
Tehnika podmazivanja (Lubrication technique)
Maziva i podmazivanje (Lubricants and lubrication)
Tablice na 15°C (Charts under 15°C)
Jugoma standardi (Jugoma standards)
The Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants books:
J. Širola, Englesko-hrvatski naftni priručni rječnik, 1999. (English-Croatian oil dictionary)
R. Mandaković i suradnici, Klasifikacije i specifikacije maziva i srodnih proizvoda, 2005. (Classifications and specifications of lubricants and related products)
Z. Janović, Naftni i petrokemijski procesi i proizvodi, 2005. (Oil and petrochemical processes and products)

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