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48th international “Lubricants and Base Oils Symposium”

Rovinj, Croatia, 14 – 16 October 2015.

The 48th international “Lubricants and Base Oils Symposium” organized by Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants (GOMA) in partnership with European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI) was held in Poreč, Croatia, 14 – 16 October 2015. About 120 experts and scientist from 18 countries attended the Symposium that was remarkably covered by international journals and media: LUBES’N’GREASES, LUBE, F+L Asia, Base Oil Market, BLS media.

The symposium was opened by Bruno Novina, a president of GOMA and president of the organizing committee of the Symposium, and Terry Dicken, a president of ELGI. Ivan Krešić, a member of the INA Oil industry Inc. board, welcomed all participants on behalf of a golden sponsor of the Symposium.

Plenary lecture were held by: an honorary GOMA member prof. dr. sc. W. J. Bartz (TAE, Germany): Electro-mobility for characterizing the green automobile - wind and water for producing electricity, T. Dicken (ELGI): The challenges and opportunities of today’s modern grease industry; A. van de Ven (ATIEL): Safeguarding quality in European automotive engine lubricants, and R. Mandaković (GOMA): Trends, demands and paradoxes of lubricants micro markets such as Croatia and surrounding countries.

In other sections, under the title: Additives - moving to high performance lubricants, Recent trends in formulation of MWFs, Highlights on the latest development of automotive fluids, Base oils - moving to a high performance lubricants, Condition monitoring, tribodiagnostic and laboratory analysis, 20 selected lectures was given and 11 poster presentation presented.

The special value of this year's symposium present two workshops given by the leading companies in the field, with topics: Metalworking Fluids (Lubrizol) and Industrial Lubricants (BASF).

There were also numerous exhibitors and sponsors with a separate hall for their advertising stands and billboards.

The working part of the meeting was followed by equally as important and rich social program, which helped the exchange of experience and opinions in a relaxed atmosphere during the evening tastings of Istrian wines (many thanks to the sponsor INA Lubricants), during a cocktail reception (many thanks to the sponsor Evonik Industries AG) and a gala dinner.

Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants express great gratitude to all participants, particularly to the sponsors and exhibitors who have significantly contributed to the high level of Symposium.


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