The journal Goriva i maziva publishes scientific and professional papers, communications, interesting presentations, discussions and information from the area of application and processing of liquid and gaseous fuels, combustion engineering, processing and application of lubricants, lubrication techniques, tribology, environmental protection, power-supply and standardization. The papers are published in Croatian and/or English.


Review form

The author may suggest a category for his/her paper, while the final decision rests with the Editor, upon reviewer’s proposal:
1. Original Scientific Paper – mandatory review
2. Preliminary Communication – mandatory review
3. Review – mandatory expert review
4. Professional Paper – mandatory review
5. Conference Paper
6. Other: Presentations, social news, review from foreign expert references, etc.

Original Scientific Paper
contains unpublished results of original research, while it has to be written in a manner permitting for the experiment to be repeated based on the information provided, achieving the same described results with the same accuracy, or within the limits of experimental error, as stated by the author; repeating the author’s observations, calculated or theorical outcome and coming up with the same conclusions.

Preliminary Communication
contains yet unpublished preliminary scientific research results, the character of which requires urgent publication. The paper does not have to contain sufficient details enabling repeating and checkup of stated results.

is a concise, critical review of a specific research area (field), providing fresh information on the existing condition of development and orientations.

Professional Paper
constitutes useful contributions from the industry’s field, the content of which is not associated with original research. It provides a critical review of the chosen subject, including both orientations and controversies. It must be understandable even to those not specialized in the field in question. It differs from the scientific paper primarily in the sense that it does not provide original results of the author’s research, but rather uses the already published results which it then systemizes and explains.

Conference Paper
The category includes papers which cannot be categorized in any of the above categories, while it has been presented at a scientific gathering and does not feature in the related collection of papers.

1. Title,
2. abstract in Croatian and English,
3. the text, consisting mainly of introduction, experimental part, review of results, discussion of results and conclusion,
4. references,
5. key words,
6. data on author/authors,
7. Tables, figures, diagrams, graphs,
8. acknowledgements.

1. Title – needs to be clear and as short as possible.

2. Abstract – needs to provide a brief presentation of the contents, revealing the purpose, description of methods and results, and conclusion of the paper. The reader may thuis decide whether the paper is of interest to him or her. Same as the paper, it is written in passive form, in the third person, while it is written in connected sentences (not a mere listing of titles). It may contain ten to twenty lines. It does not contain equations, figures, tables and so on.

3. The Text – the main parts of the text are as follows:
a) introduction – stating the subject and the purpose of the paper, as well as a short review of the previous research endeavours published in the references. When the subject is well known, the introduction and the references need to be as brief as possible.
b) the experimental part – contains a description of the applied research methods, as well as data on the test devices used. If the author has developed the experimental procedure himself/herself, he/she needs to describe it in detail, providing clear figures and blueprints of the constrewed devices.
Tests and measurements need to be described so that the results may always be reproduced based on the test procedure.
c) results – need to be laid out well - in the form of a table or a diagram. It is advised that the results be processed statistically.
d) discussion - analyzes results, comparing them with published data. Regularities are being found, errors and accuracy of measurement commented upon. Possible suggestions are provided for further research.
e) conclusion – contains a brief review of the most important results. It needs to provide a general picture of the value and interest of the paper, as well as to what end it should be used.

4. References – listed in the order of appearance in the text.
Quoting books – last name and first name initials of the author, the title of the book in italics or underlined, publisher, place and year of publishing.
Example: ŠIROLA J., Englesko-hrvatski naftni priručni rječnik, Goma, Zagreb, 1999.
Quoting journals - last name and first name initials of the author, name of the journal in italics or underlined, year (volume) of the journal in bold letters, number of the issue in the year in question, pages of the paper and year of publication. The name of the article does not have to be indicated.
Example: FEHER J.J., MALONE B.W., NLGI Spokesman, 52, 12, 553.-558., 1989.

5. Key words – The author must evaluate which words are the most characteristic of the paper. Three to six such key words, indicating the essence of the paper and serving for a fast identification of the paper’s content, must be listed by the author in both Croatian and English.

6. Data on the author/authors
– Listed is the full name and surname of the author, his/her academic title, occupation, as well as the name and address of the company or institution where he or she is employed.

7. Tables – Tables should not contain more than ten vertical columns and as much horizontal rows. If the author feels that the data need to be presented in a higher number of columns and rows, the content of the Table must be divided into two or more smaller Tables. They need to be done according to computer pattern (Insert Table), and not using dots, spaces, or tabs.
Figures, diagrams and drawings – need to be prepared for a black and white print i.e. if the original figure is in colours not showing in the black and white print, the colours need to be replaced by a “screen” i.e. different graphical marks which need to be explained in the key.
Figures contain only the most essential text needed for understanding, such as measuring variables and their dimensions, a brief explanation of curves, and the like. The rest is stated in the key below the figure.
Maximum size of the figure is 13 cm x 17 cm.
Each figure needs to be numbered in Arabic numbers with a title i.e. description above in Croatian and English.

8. Acknowledgements – if any, are listed at the end of the paper, before references.

MEASUREMENT UNITS – The paper must contain the international system of measurement units SI in keeping with the Act on Measurement Units (NN 58/93), and, only exceptionally, other systems as well, providing that their conversion into Si units is indicated.

– The volume of the text should be limited to 12 printed pages (1800 characters per page), in A-4 format. The page with 1800 characters contains 30 rows at most. The paper needs to be prepared by means of a computer.
Note to the authors: The authors are entirely liable for the contents of their paper. It is the assumption of the Editorial Board that the authors are publishing their work consistent with the regulations of the company or the institution they work for.
Every published paper must have two positive reviews. The Editorial Board selects at least two reviewers categorizing the paper. The amount of time after which the paper will be published depends on the reviewers’ remarks, as well as on the fact whether the manuscript has been compiled according to instructions.
The authors must forward the final version of the paper to the following e-address: or on a diskette or a CD-ROM.

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